HALO 1 - 6MM


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Halo 1 6mm protective headband headgear for soccer and other head contact sports.

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Norton Etrust Accredited Business


You'll have more fun!

  • Reduces risk of head injury*
  • VA Tech Rated Very Good
  • Play and compete with an edge over others
  • Great protection for falls, collisions and headers
  • Absorbs, disperses impact, reduces acceleration
  • Especially great during any kind of practice drill where the head is at repetitive risk
  • Greater resilience leads to more confidence
  • In soccer, does not alter ball rebound speed or direction
  • View comparison chart
*as compared to no head protection


Looks just like a headband!

  • 360 Degree impact protection
  • FIFA Law 4 compliant / Tested to ASTM standard
  • Hook and loop closure for custom fit
  • Moisture wicking comfort
  • Nylon outer layer, closed-cell Accelleron® foam
  • Military grade, patented, coated aramid fabric
  • Medical Assurance Policy available
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Younger kids don’t necessarily have smaller heads. We find that over 85% of kids take (L/XL). It’s always best to measure. Keep in mind how the player will wear their hair. Be sure to allow room for a pony tail.


1. Use a soft tape measure to determine the player's head circumference. Measure completely around the head, in the location of the forehead, above your eyebrows and below your hairline. A string can be used to measure the head as well; identify the distance, and then measure the string with a yard stick or retractable tape measure.
2. See below and choose (S/M) or (L/XL) based on the measurement along with your preference for a relaxed or more snug fit


(S/M) Head Circumference: 20 to 21"
20" (Relaxed Fit) ------ 21" (More Snug Fit)

(L/XL) Head Circumference: 21+ to 22"+
21"+ (Relaxed Fit) ------ 22"+ (More Snug Fit)

Give us a call with any questions: 1-844-863-7825


1. Place mesh side against the forehead
2. Bottom of Halo features contoured curves for ears
3. Unequal logo will be positioned on the left temple area
4. Place Halo contoured curves over the ears
5. Attach the Halo securely in back using velcro strips
6. For best protection, wear the Halo low on the forehead



Hand wash in warm water

6 Reviews

  • Great Product, Great Customer Service

    Posted by Carrie S. on Jul 10th 2023

    The Halo has been a great choice to protect my daughter from head injury during her seizures. Unlike other brands we've tried, the Halo stays on even during an episode. And Halo customer service is excellent!

  • so safe so cute

    Posted by Nicole E. on Feb 11th 2023

    I have four concussions but I never wanted them to keep me from competing and doing what I love. I did research and these are the safest things. They look so cute for rugby and I feel like I can take on a whole team!

  • Great item. Horrible company logo on it.

    Posted by Jason S. on Nov 30th 2022

    I love this halo. My daughter has epilepsy and these halos have kept her from getting black eyes and bumps on her forehead when she has a seizure. And they look cool, so it doesn't have the stigma of wearing a helmet. But what is up with the logo? Who thought an equal sign with a line through it would be interpreted as anything other than “Anti-equality”?!? I thought it was just me who noticed it, but the first day I sent her to school with one, her teacher gave her stickers to cover the symbol. After that, I added patches. Now, every time I buy one, I cover the logos on the front and back with patches. If you want people to rep your brand, you really need a new logo that doesn't scream “I don't believe in equality!”

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HALO 1 - 6MM


HALO 1 - 6MM

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