Unequal has received numerous prominent awards and recognition for innovation and performance of our protective sports gear. The company was recognized by Forbes as one of the magazine’s 100 Most Promising Companies. Thanks to our work with DuPont, the manufacturing company presented Unequal with its Kevlar® Innovation Award. Esquire, ESPN, and Inc. Magazine have all listed the company and its products among the most important tech innovations ever in sports. Virginia Tech ranked us as the best performing line of soccer headgear available.




With over 100 U.S. and international patents, this ultra-thin, ultra-light, flexible technology was first developed for military and law enforcement. Tested under incredibly stringent guidelines, Unequal’s ballistic material not only helped to stop bullets, but also dispersed the projectile’s energy laterally. The technology originally developed to protect those that protect us was then adapted for sports. Backed by extensive testing from independent, accredited laboratories, Unequal’s athletic protection is made with a composite of coated aramid fabric and other advanced materials that together handle blunt force trauma differently and better than virtually all plastics and foams. Unequal’s NURO® and HART® technologies effectively help absorb and disperse impact shock while reducing acceleration.


Providing a tensile strength 5X greater than steel on an equal weight basis, aramid fibers are so tightly spun that they are nearly impossible to separate them. Long strands of fiber are interlaced to form a dense net. When a high-velocity projectile hits it, the fibers essentially catch the projectile while absorbing and dissipating the impact energy. It also features exceptional properties including extraordinary resistance to abrasion, high temperature, as well as being lightweight.


Unequal blocks shock in two ways. If the source of the impact shock comes at us on the x-axis, for instance, it's initially dampened somewhat at the point of contact by the top layer of elastomer. And then, thanks to aramid fibers, the remaining energy is redirected and scattered on the y & z axis, preventing most of the impact energy from entering the body. Dispersing shock laterally like this is a unique characteristic of Unequal. It’s top elastomer has a flexible density that is capable of very efficient shock absorption using hysteretic damping, which means it converts a portion of the sudden vibrational energy to heat. Then, the embedded layer of aramid fabric blocks, redirects and scatters most of the remaining energy laterally at a 90-degree angle to its original direction of propagation, as it's called. The technical term for this lateral force dispersion is mechanical radiation damping.



Commotio cordis is like a concussion of the heart, that kills. A random, non-penetrating blow to the chest wall area near the heart by a ball, bat, stick or hand causes the heart to fibrillate. The heart stops pumping blood. Its occurrence is relatively rare, but when it happens, it is catastrophic. As the world-leading experts in commotio cordis and after more than two decades of researching a protective solution, Tufts Medical Center, found Unequal had invented the first technology ever proven to significantly reduce the risk of commotio cordis. The result of the research was a peer-reviewed, published study in the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine, March, 2016, “Development of a Chest Wall Protector Effective in Preventing Sudden Cardiac Death by Chest Wall Impact (commotio cordis)”. Next, the FDA issued an IFU Claim regarding Unequal Hart pads that states: “When incorporated into a suitable garment and worn in accordance with instructions, the HART CC (commotio cordis) Pad device has been shown to reduce the mechanical impact received by the chest that may facilitate the reduction in risk of commotio cordis.”



“Commotio cordis, sudden death with chest impact, occurs clinically despite chest wall protectors worn in sports. In an experimental model of commotio cordis, commercials available chest wall protectors failed to prevent ventricular fibrillation (VF). The goal of this investigation was to develop a chest wall protector effective in prevention of commotio cordis.”


“…3 significantly lowered the risk of VF compared with impacts without chest protectors. These 3 heart protectors were combinations of [Unequal’s] Accelleron,® Airilon,® TriDur® and ImpacShield® of different thicknesses.”


“Chest protector designs incorporating these novel materials [Unequal] will likely be effective in the prevention of commotio cordis on the playing field."

DISCLAIMER: Unequal reduces risk of head injury, compared to no head protection. Leading medical doctors, PhD’s and scientists have concluded that a reduction in acceleration correlates with a reduction in concussion risk. Any player in any activity, game, or sport, can sustain a head injury even with head protection, and that no helmet, pad or Unequal product can prevent concussions or eliminate the risk of these injuries. See full product warning at
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CHEST PROTECTION: Unequal Commotio Cordis chest protection products were granted an IFU claim by the FDA.

HEAD PROTECTION: Unequal head protection products have not been evaluated by the FDA. These Head Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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*We Stand Behind Any Unequal Product. Try it For 30 Days. If it doesn't perform as we say, if you are not satisfied for any reason, simply return it (as per our return instructions found at the bottom of any of our web pages) for a prompt and courteous refund, no questions asked. This guarantee is limited to any product bought through this website.

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