Gyro™ Helmet Liner


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3.5 Ounces
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Customizable helmet liner insert for maximum protection and help in reduction of head injury for football. Air channels and moisture wicking keeps athletes cool and dry.

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Top helmet insert!

  • For use in football helmets
  • Reduces acceleration, absorbs/disperses force
  • NURO® technology reduces risk of head injury*
  • Hits feel “better” - not as jarring
  • Permitted for practices & games by the NFHS®
  • Learn more about Gyro
*Compared to helmets without GYRO


Supplemental head padding!

  • Military grade, patented, coated aramid fabric
  • Place ‘N Play –Drops into helmets with no modification
  • Feels great against the head
  • One size fits virtually all helmets, can be trimmed if necessary
  • Medical Assurance Policy available
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PLACEMENT (no adhesive necessary)

Place the Gyro in the helmet with the rounded tab located in the front of the helmet, i.e. so that it is protecting the forehead; and so that the black comfort side will contact the head. Press the Gyro down evenly until it completely touches the inside top of the helmet and all sides rest against all four sides of the helmet. Place the helmet with the Gyro helmet liner on the player’s head to test fit.


• Helmet is to rest firmly against your head on all sides and the top
• Ear holes should align with the opening of your ears
• The front of your helmet should rest 1” or less above your brow
• The helmet should not shift on your head. Refer to your helmet fit guidelines or your team training coaching staff if you have any questions

NOTE: If after you’ve made all possible adjustments using customization tools of your helmet you find the helmet to be too tight, consider going to the next larger size. Likewise after all possible adjustments if your helmet is too loose and you experience Gyro slippage, consider going to the next size smaller.

Give us a call with any questions: 1-844-863-7825



Hand wash in warm water

20 Reviews

  • It's okay

    Posted by Omar C. on Aug 3rd 2022

    The product is good it was the shipping I did the overnight shipping and it take three days to get here and on that same day when I order it I order something on Amazon it came the next day

  • Good fit!

    Posted by Scott W. on Jul 28th 2022

    The product was as advertised. We are going to start hitting next week so we haven't been able to verify its usefulness on impact, just fit.

  • Great products

    Posted by Aaron C. on Jun 22nd 2022

    Great products

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Gyro™ Helmet Liner

Was: $49.95
Now: $42.50

Gyro™ Helmet Liner

Was: $49.95
Now: $42.50
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