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15.3 Ounces

Protect yourself or your student with this ballistic insert for backpacks and briefcases. This military grade ballistic panel provides protection from level IIIa bullets, blasts, shotguns, and frags.

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Lightweight Body Armor That's Level IIIa Triple-Threat Protection

The ExoShield ballistic plate is an ultra-thin, ultra-light, economical SAPI plate which can be used within a typical ballistic vest equipped with a plate carrier, or it can easily be dropped into a school backpack or flexible briefcase. Unlike other ballistic panels with a front and back, the ExoShield is bi-directional… therefore when placed within a carry bag, there’s no wrong way to put it in. That’s better bodily protection able to enhance safety in schools or work. Perfect for guardians of students, teachers, and employees.


Serious Protection

  • Concealable, low profile personal protection if tragedy strikes
  • Protect against NIJ IIIa ballistics, shotgun, and S1 / P1 stab
  • Can be used in vests, backpacks, briefcases, and luggage
  • Bi-directional, cannot be inserted incorrectly, both sides protect


Military Grade

  • 10” x 12” fits virtually any bag
  • Ultra-light, just 15.3 oz (apx.) weighs less than a 16.9 oz water bottle
  • Ultra-thin, just 1/4” (apx.)
  • Curved, ergonomic SAPI design for greater airflow, cooler comfort when worn in a vest


Internationally recognized NTS-Chesapeake Testing Labs tested Unequal® EXOShield™ panels for ballistic and stab protection as follows:
  1. BALLISTIC -- Penetration Testing to NIJ-STD-0101.06 Level IIIA using .44 mag SJHP bullets and .357 Sig bullets. No penetration with minimal BFD.
  2. SHOTGUN -- Penetration Testing: 1 oz. shotgun slug; #8 Birdshot (lead); #7 Birdshot (steel). No penetration with minimal BFD.
  3. STAB RESISTANT -- Passed NIJ-STD-0115.0 Level 1; single edge (S1), Double edge (P1) and Spike. Test reports on file. Protects against stabbing, slashing and jabbing from knives.
  4. FRAG -- Unrated for this threat category, but this highly protective package can reduce risk of injury from bomb blast frag and shrapnel.

Unequal ExoShield™ (hereafter collectively and individually referred to as the “Shields”)

TERMS OF USE The Shields have been independently tested. They are for self-defense only and should not substitute safe behavior. Anti-Ballistic and Anti-Stab properties referenced herein, apply to the actual Shields, whether integrated in a bag or backpack, or sold separately. Any modifications to them may affect the properties of the Shields. Do not modify the Shields. Do not re-use the Shields if they have been shot or stabbed, or have been subject to shooting level forces, slashes, stabs, punctures, rips, tears or cuts.

The Shields are designed to enhance safety in schools, classrooms, and workplace, as well as help safeguard teachers, students, law enforcement, security, guardians, and safety personnel. Always follow safety and security policies procedures and use good personal safety tactics. For school safety and/or workplace safety, refer to the policy of the school and/or workplace.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS The Shields can maintain their ballistic capabilities for up to five (5) years, provided it’s taken care of and properly maintained. Moisture, heat and flexing can affect the performance of the Shields and vest, which in turn, affects their lifespan. To ensure the maximum lifespan, the Shields must be properly cared for as follows:

1. Washing Your Vests. Only the Unequal vests can be placed in the washer machine on gentle cycle. If you elect to wash the fabric vest, you must first remove the Shields from the vest. Place the Shields back into the vest after the vest is dried. Place the Shields so that the curved side is facing toward the body.

2. No Sunlight or Liquids. It’s imperative that the Shields and vest NOT be exposed to direct sunlight, or liquids.

3. Proper Storage. Make sure the Shields and vest are properly stored at room temperature and in a place that allows it to be laid completely flat. Avoid storing in places that are subject to moisture, extreme hot and cold temperatures.

LIMITED PRODUCT LIABILTY Unequal Technologies Company (the “Company”), guarantees its products to be free of any manufacturing defects for a period of twelve (12) months. This Limited Liability Warranty only covers defects in material and workmanship and is subject to the exclusions listed below. The free one-year replacement period begins at date of purchase. No shipping & handling expenses are included in this limited warranty. This Limited Liability Warranty is limited to the original purchaser of the Shields, and is not transferable to any other person or entity.

Any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose shall be void and excluded subsequent to twelve (12) months from the date of purchase. The replacement of the Shields is the exclusive remedy under this written warranty or any implied warranty. The Company makes no other representation or warranty of any kind, and no representative, employee, distributor or dealer has the authority to make or imply any representation, promise, or agreement, which in any way varies the terms of this limited warranty. The Shields being submitted for warranty must be returned to the place of purchase for testing and evaluation. Proof of purchase will be required.

PURCHASER TERMS AND CONDITIONS By purchasing the Shields from the Company, you (the “Purchaser”), agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

1. Purchaser represents that s/he is at least 18 years old or the age of majority in the State or Territory in which s/he resides.

2. Purchaser is not a convicted felon at the time of purchase.

3. Purchaser will not sell the Shields or body armor to any citizen or resident of the State of Connecticut.

4. Purchaser is legally allowed to purchase, possess, and/or use body armor in Purchaser’s State/Territory, County/Parish, and municipality, and affirms that such purchase does not violate any federal, state, or local laws.

5. The Company makes no representations to Purchaser about the legality of any Purchase of body armor. The Company makes no representations about the consequences to Purchaser in the event Purchaser buys the body armor in contravention of any applicable federal, state, or local laws.

6. The Company is not responsible for Purchaser’s violation of any federal, state, or local law concerning the Purchaser’s purchase, use, re-sale, other distribution of any body armor obtained from the Company. This disclaimer applies to any re-distribution within the United States or internationally.

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DISCLAIMER: Unequal reduces risk of head injury, compared to no head protection. Leading medical doctors, PhD’s and scientists have concluded that a reduction in acceleration correlates with a reduction in concussion risk. Any player in any activity, game, or sport, can sustain a head injury even with head protection, and that no helmet, pad or Unequal product can prevent concussions or eliminate the risk of these injuries. See full product warning at
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CHEST PROTECTION: Unequal Commotio Cordis chest protection products were granted an IFU claim by the FDA.

HEAD PROTECTION: Unequal head protection products have not been evaluated by the FDA. These Head Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


*Shipping timeframe estimates are for the 48 contiguous states only, does not include Hawaii, Alaska or International. Any import duties, VAT, tariff, taxes or handling fees due at the time of delivery are the sole responsibility of the receiving customer. If you are unsure about these charges, please contact your country’s Customs Office. Packing slips for international shipments cannot be marked as “gift” or with altered prices.

*We Stand Behind Any Unequal Product. Try it For 30 Days. If it doesn't perform as we say, if you are not satisfied for any reason, simply return it (as per our return instructions found at the bottom of any of our web pages) for a prompt and courteous refund, no questions asked. This guarantee is limited to any product bought through this website.

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